Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How To Be a Hydra-goddess

With the warmer months coming by, you will probably notice that your skin is going through a bit of a confused stage. Here's the translation to that (yes, I speak derma-nese):

Your skin may not look dehydrated because of...the warm weather + your skin producing more oil + sweat. So you are probably thinking that your skin has too much going on, thus you might be stripping down your skincare. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER (please excuse my yelling over text, but I need to save your skin!).

Your skin may look oily but can definitely be dehydrated. You just need the right moisturizers to balance it out, and then your skin will be a happy bouncy ball. Of course, here I my favorites.

The Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Gel is a water based gel that is packed with hyluronic acid, a.k.a. your skin's BFFFFFF. The simplicity of this product is what I love the most. It does the job without any faff: no ridiculous cotton candy like scents=no irritations. Simply a dream for sensitive skins like mine! I use exactly 2 drops for my entire face, and it's more than enough.

Then, the Ole Henrikson Vitamin Plus comes in! It claims to mattify your skin but no skincare product really "mattifies" your skin, that's what powders are created for. Instead it gives a slight glow without the oily sheen on your face. It has a slight herbal scent but nothing artificial-like. It creates the perfect finish even under makeup and doesn't make me feel greasy throughout the day!

Please, please, pleeeeeeease do not let your skin shrivel up by neglecting its needs! Try paying attention to your skin for a good 2 weeks and then we'll talk again.

Christy with a Y. 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

YOUR-MIND will BLOW your mind

I KID YOU NOT, there were't any "average" places I ventured to during my stay in Korea. All of the them were mind boggling and made me want to stay forever. This place in particular was literally a hidden gem because those who know about it may know about it, but those who don't may never discover it. So basically I'm about to share with you a highly coveted secret of mine. WHY YOU LUCKY DUCK.

YOUR-MIND is a book shop/stationary/eye candy store where you will find the most precious things from limited edition books, crazy artsy portfolios, indie photography, inspirational bindings, and everything else you can possibly imagine. If you are a book lover, you will melt here; if you're not, you'll still melt here. It's a bit hidden because it's located on the 5th floor of quite a small, ordinary building, but that just adds to the *music que* A WHOLE NEW WORLD kind of atmosphere once you swing open the doors.

Ooh, for my cat lovers, they have the cutest little cat who silently roams around the shop. Can you spot the little kitty cat in the picture?

Address: Seoul Mapo-gu Seogyo-dong 326-29 View Building 5th floor
(a bit of walking after you get off the Hongdae metro station) 
Phone #: 070 8821 8990
Hours: 2-9:30pm

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Corea/Korea is all about creating social vibes and unique atmospheres in ordinary settings like cafes. If you've ever been to Korea, you'll know about the endless streets of wonderful smelling coffee houses filled with fairytale-like furniture, mugs, and don't even get me started on the sweets--just one summer in Korea means +5 happy pounds for me! With that been said, I do think it could be a tad bit overwhelming to be bombarded with thousands of different cafes all over the place. Soooooo I couldn't help but picky-pick-pick my favorite spots in different areas of Seoul. No need to thank me :).

#1: Take Out Drawing (Itaewon)

Not as spread out as the typical Korean cafes like Caffe Bene or Twosome Place (although they are pretty amazing in their own ways), Take Out Drawing is a unique blend of vintage meets comfy indie. I must recommend the signature "ice burg" macchiato (image below), but know that it will spoil your taste for coffee FOREVER. It's a whole new world *music que!* for coffee lovers. The frozen iceberg part--a delightfully frozen slightly sweetened milk/cream--floats in a smooth pool of creamy espresso. COFFEEGASMMMMMMM. 

They also have super yummy desserts like coffee cakes, pastries, cookies, you name it! I would recommend the tower coffee roll filled with fluffy white cream that instantly melts in your mouth as the chocolate cake bread part balances out the sweetness... #thismustbeheaven... Oh, and the funky creative ways they make their drinks is just another reason why you need to check this place out! 

Okay okay, I'll give away the secret now. 

Location: Seoul, Yong-san Gu, Han-nam Dong 683-139
Hours: 11am-12am
Tel: 02-797-3139

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Be My Nude-y Valentine

Nude (adj): a hue of unveiled beauty that illuminates in natural light. 

I find extraordinary beauty in things that are raw and genuine. Nudes don't conceal; they enhance, soften, and have a soft shimmer. Being extremely pale, I used to think that I would look like a zombie-girl before I started discovering my own selection of nude hues. Nudes have various shades from flat beiges to delicate peaches. Being on the cool-toned end of the pale flesh spectrum, my skin naturally blushes when I wear peachy nudes or soft orange pinks.

Soooo if you were scared of nudes till now, I think I just saved your life. If you're pale but cool-toned try something with a touch of peach and soon, you'll find your skin falling in love with nudes (and I'd be the genius match-maker). Of course, here are some of the things my picky hands gravitate toward on a daily basis:

Benefit High Beam
Benefit Cream Shadow - R.S.V.P
Innisfree Gloss - Natural Nude
Etude House Nail Polish
Dior Creme de Rose
The Face Shop - Nude palette

Christy with a Y.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Cozy Textures

My ultimate survival tip for the winter : Layer up in cozy fabrics that make you feel like you're still in bed. 

As you may know, I am obsessed with placebo effects (def. feeding your mind spoonfuls of pixie dust).  I know it's incredibly hard to drag yourself out of your sheets to get dressed during the winter time. It's always in the morning when you realize that your bed is the perfect temperature for another deep sleep. I used to wish that there would be a snow apocalypse or something so that I didn't have to leave my den. So as always, I came up with a negotiable resolution.

Layer up with cotton, sweaters, knits, and faux fur. Start with the softest, thinnest materials first so you don't end up looking like a snowman once you've layered up. Uniqlo has these insanely silky thermal skin tight tees that will maintain your body temperature. Then, the knits or sweaters. You won't feel the itchiness since you already have the silky thin layer beneath. Top it off with a sturdy jacket that still has some shape. Make sure that you're still in your element; you need to feel comfortable, practical, but - this is going to be cliche -  stylish in your own special way. Once you've mastered the layering, you'll feel like you've never left bed this morning.
Cheers to placebos.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Some Basic Flight Essentials

For 14+ hours, I was stuck in this little seat trying to entertain myself so that I wouldn't go insane. Enduring traveling has never been a skill of mine so I pretty much 'ughhh-ed' through my journey home. Thank goodness I picked up Allure (totally got it because of Mary-kate and Ashely being in this issue AND the words 'Stop dry SKIN' on the cover). I'm sure I read through this at least 3 times, especially the part where the twins were interviewed! Anyhow I, of course, brought along my EOS lip balm since flights are extremely drying all around. This is the medicated version of the lip balm line and I find it decent, 3.4/5. My mini Loccitaine hand cream (although it's not the best one I've tried) is another must-have for me on a daily basis 4.8/5. The little nude colored pen you see up there is my favorite touch up concealor from Maybelline. I can quickly erase any fall outs or smudges, and the best part is that it never gets cakey 5/5! The mini Tarte Maracuja oil is a cute little travel friendly necessity that helps me keep my dry patches nourished 4/5. I've never been a fan of oils till recently so keep your eyes peeled for an I LOVE FACIAL OILS post. Last but not least, I had my headphones in the entire 14+ hours, including the take-off and landing bits although I shouldn't have had *shhhh*. Even though I have music in my iPhone, I love listening to music from an mp3 player because it's a simpler way of strictly listening to music. My closing words are: I'm just glad I'm finally home writing this post... getting ready for a relaxing herbal bath.

Note: the Olsen twins came out with a new fragrance! Elizabeth and James Nirvana! Definitely doing some sniffin' soon. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Winter Lips

Can we just stop and stare at my tulips for a second? I never knew they faded into such a perfect orange -ish yellow color at the tips! They remind me of the berry-orange cream popsicles I went crazy over as a child. 

I'm loving the gentle nude and berry hues for a polished and delicate look on a daily basis. Every morning, you'll find me mulling over which lip I want for the day. If I feel particularly bold, I put on the dark raspberry color from Tony Moly and you can do some serious layering on with this if you want an intense look. The Lancome Rouge in Love in 220M is probably my most used casual nude lippy because of its soothing and hydrating texture (NARS- Biscayne Park is more of pamper lip for me). Party Proof in the shade Dusk till Dawn is the perfect hazy don't-care nude with more of a brown base. Really good for complimenting both dark and light skin tones! 

What are your go-to lips colors?