Monday, July 8, 2013

An Outfit Served On a Fur Platter

Good Morning. If only I could see this everyday in front of me when I wake would be dream come true. Yes, I dream about these things and I know that you do too.

One of these and any t-shirt could be dazzling.

Pointed kitten heels changed my life. 

Classic blue ankle jeans from Gap. These pair have been with me for a good 5 years and they will never leave my cramped closet. My beloved block colored kitten heels are from Zara (we have a love-hate relationship). I picked up the amazing thick beaded necklace during a mind-blowing Zara sale a few months back and I remember having to lunge for it before the other girl would snatch it away. I love dressing down while adding enough accessories and details that would trick your eyes into thinking that I actually put a lot of effort into my outfit of the day.

Ready. Set. Good day.