Thursday, July 11, 2013

Color-Fully Positive

So I have this weird thing about me when it comes to getting ready on a rainy or gloomy day. I gravitate towards more colors the gloomier it is. In other words, I wear my solid whites and blacks on a nice sunny day and then when it rains, I take the rainbow out of my closet. I guess it's a way of tricking my mind into thinking that I'm happy despite the oh-come-on-mother-nature kind of weather.

Now I never, I repeat n-e-v-e-r used to wear any yellows. In fact, I was actually scared of wearing any yellows because I thought it made me look like a lemon head. But long behold this sleeveless velour sweater was the first one to make it into the yellow category in my drawers. I think it was the material that intrigued my anti-yellow senses. I also love the way that it has both a pastel yellow and a bright strong yellow mixed together. The structured shoulders were also pleasing details. 

 I mean, even though it's probably is a mind trick, why not use it to pump in some endorphins into a muggy day? I know that it's been working for me ever since I decided to make up this crazy placebo. 

So why not be the happy one? After all, happiness is contagious.