Tuesday, July 30, 2013

THE Photo-shoot

"I retired, but two days later I got back to work because 
I realized that I did not create my masterpiece just yet" - Horst Schultz 

Who is Mr. Schultz? He is the one who led the empire of the Ritz-Carlton to exist in every major city (who also happens to own a private jet and casually flies around the world on his own time, obviously). He is a man of real luxury and believes that customization is the key to luxury. Every aspect of his new creation, The Capella in Georgetown, Washington D.C., reflects his mission to create the highest of high luxury for every single individual. I had the honor of meeting him as an intern for Kelly Muccio (yes, the gorgeous blond up there is my boss- be jealous). The Capella is an incredible piece of artwork because every nook and cranny has a purpose and a story behind it. Mr. Schultz is now number 1 on my role-model list (Justin Timberlake is my number 2- just kidding, not really). 
Let's just say that I now have a different perspective on what my life goal should be. 

The Capella=Perfection.