Friday, December 20, 2013

Cozy Textures

My ultimate survival tip for the winter : Layer up in cozy fabrics that make you feel like you're still in bed. 

As you may know, I am obsessed with placebo effects (def. feeding your mind spoonfuls of pixie dust).  I know it's incredibly hard to drag yourself out of your sheets to get dressed during the winter time. It's always in the morning when you realize that your bed is the perfect temperature for another deep sleep. I used to wish that there would be a snow apocalypse or something so that I didn't have to leave my den. So as always, I came up with a negotiable resolution.

Layer up with cotton, sweaters, knits, and faux fur. Start with the softest, thinnest materials first so you don't end up looking like a snowman once you've layered up. Uniqlo has these insanely silky thermal skin tight tees that will maintain your body temperature. Then, the knits or sweaters. You won't feel the itchiness since you already have the silky thin layer beneath. Top it off with a sturdy jacket that still has some shape. Make sure that you're still in your element; you need to feel comfortable, practical, but - this is going to be cliche -  stylish in your own special way. Once you've mastered the layering, you'll feel like you've never left bed this morning.
Cheers to placebos.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Some Basic Flight Essentials

For 14+ hours, I was stuck in this little seat trying to entertain myself so that I wouldn't go insane. Enduring traveling has never been a skill of mine so I pretty much 'ughhh-ed' through my journey home. Thank goodness I picked up Allure (totally got it because of Mary-kate and Ashely being in this issue AND the words 'Stop dry SKIN' on the cover). I'm sure I read through this at least 3 times, especially the part where the twins were interviewed! Anyhow I, of course, brought along my EOS lip balm since flights are extremely drying all around. This is the medicated version of the lip balm line and I find it decent, 3.4/5. My mini Loccitaine hand cream (although it's not the best one I've tried) is another must-have for me on a daily basis 4.8/5. The little nude colored pen you see up there is my favorite touch up concealor from Maybelline. I can quickly erase any fall outs or smudges, and the best part is that it never gets cakey 5/5! The mini Tarte Maracuja oil is a cute little travel friendly necessity that helps me keep my dry patches nourished 4/5. I've never been a fan of oils till recently so keep your eyes peeled for an I LOVE FACIAL OILS post. Last but not least, I had my headphones in the entire 14+ hours, including the take-off and landing bits although I shouldn't have had *shhhh*. Even though I have music in my iPhone, I love listening to music from an mp3 player because it's a simpler way of strictly listening to music. My closing words are: I'm just glad I'm finally home writing this post... getting ready for a relaxing herbal bath.

Note: the Olsen twins came out with a new fragrance! Elizabeth and James Nirvana! Definitely doing some sniffin' soon. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Winter Lips

Can we just stop and stare at my tulips for a second? I never knew they faded into such a perfect orange -ish yellow color at the tips! They remind me of the berry-orange cream popsicles I went crazy over as a child. 

I'm loving the gentle nude and berry hues for a polished and delicate look on a daily basis. Every morning, you'll find me mulling over which lip I want for the day. If I feel particularly bold, I put on the dark raspberry color from Tony Moly and you can do some serious layering on with this if you want an intense look. The Lancome Rouge in Love in 220M is probably my most used casual nude lippy because of its soothing and hydrating texture (NARS- Biscayne Park is more of pamper lip for me). Party Proof in the shade Dusk till Dawn is the perfect hazy don't-care nude with more of a brown base. Really good for complimenting both dark and light skin tones! 

What are your go-to lips colors?