Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Corea/Korea is all about creating social vibes and unique atmospheres in ordinary settings like cafes. If you've ever been to Korea, you'll know about the endless streets of wonderful smelling coffee houses filled with fairytale-like furniture, mugs, and don't even get me started on the sweets--just one summer in Korea means +5 happy pounds for me! With that been said, I do think it could be a tad bit overwhelming to be bombarded with thousands of different cafes all over the place. Soooooo I couldn't help but picky-pick-pick my favorite spots in different areas of Seoul. No need to thank me :).

#1: Take Out Drawing (Itaewon)

Not as spread out as the typical Korean cafes like Caffe Bene or Twosome Place (although they are pretty amazing in their own ways), Take Out Drawing is a unique blend of vintage meets comfy indie. I must recommend the signature "ice burg" macchiato (image below), but know that it will spoil your taste for coffee FOREVER. It's a whole new world *music que!* for coffee lovers. The frozen iceberg part--a delightfully frozen slightly sweetened milk/cream--floats in a smooth pool of creamy espresso. COFFEEGASMMMMMMM. 

They also have super yummy desserts like coffee cakes, pastries, cookies, you name it! I would recommend the tower coffee roll filled with fluffy white cream that instantly melts in your mouth as the chocolate cake bread part balances out the sweetness... #thismustbeheaven... Oh, and the funky creative ways they make their drinks is just another reason why you need to check this place out! 

Okay okay, I'll give away the secret now. 

Location: Seoul, Yong-san Gu, Han-nam Dong 683-139
Hours: 11am-12am
Tel: 02-797-3139