Thursday, March 6, 2014

YOUR-MIND will BLOW your mind

I KID YOU NOT, there were't any "average" places I ventured to during my stay in Korea. All of the them were mind boggling and made me want to stay forever. This place in particular was literally a hidden gem because those who know about it may know about it, but those who don't may never discover it. So basically I'm about to share with you a highly coveted secret of mine. WHY YOU LUCKY DUCK.

YOUR-MIND is a book shop/stationary/eye candy store where you will find the most precious things from limited edition books, crazy artsy portfolios, indie photography, inspirational bindings, and everything else you can possibly imagine. If you are a book lover, you will melt here; if you're not, you'll still melt here. It's a bit hidden because it's located on the 5th floor of quite a small, ordinary building, but that just adds to the *music que* A WHOLE NEW WORLD kind of atmosphere once you swing open the doors.

Ooh, for my cat lovers, they have the cutest little cat who silently roams around the shop. Can you spot the little kitty cat in the picture?

Address: Seoul Mapo-gu Seogyo-dong 326-29 View Building 5th floor
(a bit of walking after you get off the Hongdae metro station) 
Phone #: 070 8821 8990
Hours: 2-9:30pm